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Nine Mile Magazine

Fall 2023
Vol. 11, No. 2

Nine Mile Fall 2023 magazine cover: a mission-style chair, a book laid open on the ottoman, a pair of glasses. From a montage: Scherzo 6, by Elena Ciletti.
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Nine Mile Fall 23 Cover Art Clip: A mission-style chair and ottoman, a book open on the ottoman, a pair of round glasses. From a montage, Scherzo 6, by Elena Ciletti

In Memory of Norman Dubie

The Fall 2023 issue of Nine Mile Magazine
is dedicated to the memory of Norman Dubie.

Poet extraordinare, writer, teacher, friend.

Norman Dubie, in a black shirt and straw hat, with a large white beard, looks peacefully off-frame.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Jody Stewart

Please! One World at a Time!


Sam Pereira

A Temporary Deadwood: Clinton Street, 1973

Eulogy for the Severed Hearts

Incident Recalling a Norman Dubie Homily


Roger Weingarten

Into the Slipstream

The Night-blooming Cereus

Cynthia Hogue

The Power of Gentleness: An Approach to the Poetry of Norman Dubie


James Cervantes

“The Early Days of Everything.”


David St. John

Two Poems for Norman Dubie


Robert Herz

On Norman Dubie’s “A Day Lyric for St. Cecilia”

Daniel Simpson

Poems from Inside the Invisible:

     Some Holy Saturday

     Why Shouldn’t I?

     Father’s Day

     Measuring Distance

     Chance Meeting

     We All Have Something of the Poet in Us

     Haiku Love

     Why We Need New Year’s Day and the Passage of Seasons


D. J. Savarese

Oberlin Diary from Swoon


Tito Rajarshi Mukopadhyay

Eight villanelles from Creating the Faces and Other Poems:

     I Figured

     Through Miles

     You Walk Around

     Walking By

     You Read a Story

     I’ll Be Getting Back

     You Looked Up

     You Had Entered

Susan Aizenberg


This Morning My Friend Writes


Michael Waters

Table on the Edge of the World

Author Photo



Cynthia Hogue

The Reason of Age

On the Path, Flowering

From: Ultima Thule


Christopher Buckley

Long Time Ago Tomorrow

At the Bus Station in Fresno


Nine Mile Fall 23 Cover Art Clip: A mission-style chair and ottoman, a book open on the ottoman, a pair of round glasses. From a montage, Scherzo 6, by Elena Ciletti

Publisher: Nine Mile Art Corp.

Editors: Bob Herz, Stephen Kuusisto, Andrea Scarpino

Associate Editors: Cyrus Cassells, James Cervantes, Norman Dubie, Christopher Merrill, Pamela (Jody) Stewart

Managing Editor: Beal St. George

Cover Art: From a montage, “Scherzo 6,” by Elena Ciletti


Nine Mile Magazine is an imprint of Nine Mile Art Corp.


The publishers gratefully acknowledge support of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Governor and the New York State Legislature. We also acknowledge support of the County of Onondaga and CNY Arts through the Tier Three Project Support Grant Program. This project is made possible with a General Support/Tier Three Project Support grant from the County of Onondaga, with the support of County Executive Ryan McMahon and the Onondaga County Legislature, administered by CNY Arts.


This publication would not have been possible without the generous support of these groups.

We are very grateful to them all.


Poetry and artwork copyright of their respective authors and artists. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any technology or format without prior written permission from its owner.

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