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Nine Mile author Jackie Warren Moore
First Poet Laureate of Onondaga County

From the Introduction to 

Where I Come From:  

I come from a long line of women who are speakers. Women who planted their feet firmly on Mother Earth and spoke out. Women who have spoken out to praise and sustain what was right in their world. Women who balled their fists, prepared for battle, and screamed out against injustice.

To shut my mouth and sit silently by, as some would have me do, is to suffer many deaths. I choose life, and must therefore speak....

Jackie Warren-Moore

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Recipient of Sixth Annual Nine Mile Community Arts Award

The sixth annual Nine Mile Community Arts Award was presented to David Lloyd, Director of Le Moyne’s Creative Writing Program, on Saturday evening, June 19, 2021, at the 2020 YMCA CNY Book Awards. Sponsored by Nine Mile Books and Magazine, the award is given annually to a person who has shown “significant contribution in the arts of writing and poetry in this community.”



Poet, Teacher, Friend, Community Activist

RIP: Walt Shepperd

A community should memorialize its heroes. The great ones are too often in short supply. One of my heroes passed this week: Walt Shepperd, a fifty year friend. I loved and admired him for who he was and how he was, and I was not alone. Many felt the same way. If the spirit of a community—its heart and soul—is made up of the spirit of the givers, then with his passing we have lost a shard of ourselves. Walt was a giver, one of the people who make a community; I would almost say he gave until there was nothing left to give.

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