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Poems by Caroline Manring.  



Ceruleana is filled with a charged stillness that I have only felt before as a child, when a hurricane’s eye finally arrived and I walked out of the boarded-up house to wonder at my small, quiet, broken world. These poems stumble forward, curl back on themselves, crack apart, crack jokes, embodying both that brokenness and the strength we find to survive it. Caroline Manring has written a beautiful and  heartrending book that proves her hypothesis: “layers / of pain like / paint make / luminosity.” 

– Dan Rosenberg, author of Bassinet and cadabra, winner of the American Poetry Journal Book Prize


Caroline Manring’s Ceruleana comes from the deep wood and the blasted fields, unexpectedly in the dark, arriving with the light in the nick of time.  These remarkable poems sing, come to your ear like the birdsong you know and yet don’t: they are rare, heart-stopping, and necessary. I will listen again and again.  – Annie Lighthart, author of Pax and Iron String

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