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Bad to Me

Bad to Me

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With one foot in the Beat Generation and another in Hippie culture, Bad to Me excavates the coming of age of its main character, George Jazlo, amid the heady swirl of American life in the late 60s and early 70's. G.M. Drosdowich has written a novel that renders historical events as if they were experienced right now: with vivid clarity, resonant characters, and a raw honesty that reverberates throughout the book.


Not a memoir or a remembrance exactly, but something better: a book true to the time and events it describes, and the characters who actually lived these late 60’s college days, when finding and losing yourself in the endlessly unsatisfying quest for authenticity and its semi-attached furies of sex and innocence, were how we lived, fought, doubted, and loved.—Bob Herz, editor of Nine Mile Magazine and of several books of poetry.


Bad To Me evokes the political unrest and daring artistic spirit of the hippie counterculture. Beautifully written, unflinching and witty, the narrative moves effortlessly toward a final farewell to all things temporal and young.—Lydia Falls, author of Beneath the Heavy

If you missed the revolution, or if you’ve forgotten it or maybe, for a variety of reasons, can’t remember it, join the aptly named George Jazlo for a trip back through a time unlike any other in our history. Jazlo’s part Dean Moriarty with a dash of Raul Duke (and Dr. Gonzo) and tells a tale reminiscent of pranksters and monkey wrenchers as he finds his way in and out of philosophies and sophistries, classrooms, and love affairs.—Bill Burtis, author of Liminal, editor of Hole in the Head Re:View

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