On Andre Breton’s “Free Union”

Updated: Jul 16

Free Union (Andre Breton)

My wife with the wood-burning hair Whose thoughts are summer lightning Whose waist is the size of an hourglass Like an otter in the teeth of a tiger My wife with a mouth of cockade-ribbons And a bouquet of brightest stars Whose teeth are the footprints of a white mouse on snow Whose tongue is amber and polished glass My wife whose tongue is a stabbed wafer The tongue of a doll that opens and closes its eyes With an incredible stone language My wife whose eyelashes are stick-figures drawn by children Whose eyebrows are the nests of swallows My wife whose temples are the slate color of greenhouse roofs When the windows are completely fogged-up My wife with the champagne shoulders And dolphin head fountains under ice My wife with match-stick wrists My wife with fingers of chance and the ace of hearts With fingers of cut hay My wife with armpits of marten and beechnut And St. John’s Eve Of privet and nests of angelfish With arms of sea foam and river locks And a mix of wheat and the mill My wife with rocket legs With movements of clockwork and despair My wife with the marrow of elder calves My wife whose feet are initials Whose feet are key-rings and the feet of drunk steeplejacks My wife whose neck is unpearled barley Whose throat is a Valley of Gold Whose bed-time encounters are torrents Whose breasts are of the night My wife whose breasts are molehills under the sea My wife whose breasts are ​​crucibles of rubies Are ghost breasts of roses under dew My wife whose belly is an unfolding fan of days Whose belly is a giant claw belly My wi