Back Issues

The artwork is by Carlos Franco-Ruiz.  The pieces in the sequence are “Rubbish1,” “Waiting Online,” and “Detached Online,” a potion of which forms the cover for the Spring 2016 issue.  All are in the new issue.  The artist is Mr. Franco-Ruiz.


Fall 2016

Great new work by Marvin Bell, Jody Stewart, Alexandra Van De Kamp, Jackie Warren-Moore, Maggie Dubris, Stephen Kuusisto, and many more.

Fall 2015

Great new work by Marvin Bell, Bill Schulz, Stephen Kuusisto, with artwork including cover by Thomasina DeMaio.


Spring 2016

Great new work by David Weiss, Andrea Scarpino, Jasmine V. Bailey, Ona Gritz, Dan Simpson, Quraysh Ali Lansana, and many more. Artwork by Carlos Franco-Ruiz. Also a sheaf of new poems by CNY Young Authors.

Fall 2014

Poems by Martin Willetts Jr., David Rigsbee, Jennifer Fortin, Bill Burtis, Sam Pereira, Kerry-Lee Powell, Artwork by Fletch Crangle, Whitney Daniels, and others.

Spring 2015

Poems by Marvin Bell, James Cervantes, Jasmine Bailey, Roger Weingarten, and many more. Artwork by Sylvia Steen.

Fall 2013

Poems by Pamela Stewart, Michael Burkard, Howard Bragman, Frank Cetera, Walt Shepperd, Stephen Kuusisto, and more. Artwork from: Jamie Ashlaw, Rebecca Knoll, Kari O’Mara, Laurel Butkins, C J Hodge, and Maureen Foster

Spring 2014

Poems by Georgia Popoff, George Drosdowich, Sam Pereira, David Lewis, Martin Willetts, Jr., and more. Artwork by Crystal LaPoint, Kathleen deep, and more.

Thank You

Thank you to the Central New York Community Foundation, which has generously provided a grant to aid in the publication of Nine Mile Magazine and of our Nine Mile book series.

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